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Do I need to rent a car in Zhongshan?

Do you need a car in El Salvador?

If you really only want to hit the major tourist hot spots, than renting a car may not be necessary, But if you want to really see more authentic spots, than renting a car in El Salvador is the way to go.

Is it worth renting a car in Croatia?

As for your questions, Croatia is hugely popular so yes you should absolutely rent your car now before you leave. Even though travel is down everywhere in the world, many Europeans will still be traveling and you might not be able to secure a car once you are there. August is the busiest time of the year in Croatia.

Does it make sense to rent a car in Greece?

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe renting a car in Greece is one of the best ways to see as much as possible. We highly recommend renting a car in Greece to have the freedom to explore at your own pace and discover everything the country has to offer.

Do I need to rent a car in Istanbul?

For your first or second short trip to Istanbul, there is no need to rent a car. In fact, having a rental vehicle with you will cause a headache. The city is gigantic and the number of sightseeing spots and places to visit will keep you busy for weeks.

How do tourist get around in El Salvador?

Bus – Buses are the primary way to get around El Salvador’s cities as well as the country as a whole. You can get just about anywhere in one of El Salvador’s brightly painted school buses. Cities and towns will often have designated bus depots that cost about $0.30-0.35 USD.

Is driving in El Salvador hard?

Driving in El Salvador, especially in congested urban areas, is not as easy as driving in the US or other larger cities worldwide. Many Salvadoran drivers in these cities have a reputation for being crazy drivers. Now, driving in the Salvadoran coastal areas or small town is more relaxed.

How do you get around Croatia without a car?

When it comes to public transportation in Croatia, buses are your best option. The bus network in Croatia is extensive. Buses are frequent, fairly reliable, and affordable (though not cheap). Bus stations are usually in the center of town or within walking distance from the center.

Is driving in Croatia easy?

Driving in Croatia is relatively easy as roads – including the motorway system – are of a very good standard. Since Croatia gained independence in 1991, there have been vast improvements to the country’s infrastructure (with many of the motorways built since then).

Is there Uber in Croatia?

Don’t fret—there is Uber in Croatia

Luckily, the answer is yes—Ubers are available in most major cities like Zagreb, and Dubrovnik, as well as in coastal destinations like Split.

Is driving in Greece difficult?

Is driving in Greece difficult? Most visitors find that driving on the Greek highways is a breeze. Driving on the islands is fine, once you get used to the narrow streets and street parking. However, driving in the bigger cities like Athens can be a challenge, and it might be best to avoid it.

Can tourists drive in Greece?

U.S. citizen tourists/temporary residents with stays less than six months with a valid United States driver’s license can drive in Greece with their U.S. license. For stays more than 185 days in Greece: A Greek license may be required.

Can you Uber in El Salvador?

El Salvador is the last country to embrace Uber in Central America, launching in May 2017.

How many days do I need in El Salvador?

El Salvador 10-day itinerary. I believe that 10-14 days is the perfect amount of time to explore El Salvador. Below is my recommended itinerary for the country. If you’re arriving from Guatemala or Honduras, Santa Ana is the logical spot to start your journey.

How much money should I take to El Salvador?

You should plan to spend around R$180 ($33) per day on your vacation in Salvador, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, R$53 ($9.59) on meals for one day and R$25 ($4.48) on local transportation.

Can a U.S. citizen drive in El Salvador?

You may drive with a U.S. driver’s license for up to 30 days. After that time, you must obtain a Salvadoran license. If you want to apply for a Salvadoran driver’s license, you must present an authenticated copy of your U.S. driver’s license to Salvadoran authorities.

Do I need a 4×4 in El Salvador?

The road conditions and safety. Most of the main roads in El Salvador are in good condition and are paved. The country has a reputation for having some of the best roads in Central America. There are few large potholes, and you will rarely need to have a 4WD to get around.

Do I need to be vaccinated to go to El Salvador?

No. On November 17, 2021, the Government of El Salvador removed the COVID-19 test and/or vaccination requirements for entry. Travelers are advised to confirm with their airlines that the airline understands and has implemented this change to avoid complications at their departure airport.

What is the legal drinking age in El Salvador?

18 years old

Salvador, the legal drinking age is 18 years old; however, according to the National Drug Commission (DNA), teenagers in that country begin drinking alcohol (mainly beer) when they are 13 years old, on average (DNA, 2011). In 2010, 32.5 percent of adolescents in schools had consumed alcohol.

How much do you tip in El Salvador?


Tipping — A 10% tip is automatically added to most restaurant checks, and taxi drivers don’t expect a tip. No hard standard exists for bellhops, but $1 per bag will keep you in their good graces.

What country has no drinking age?

However, Angola (except Luanda Province), Central African Republic, Comoros, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, and Togo have no laws on the books restricting the sale of alcohol to minors. In Libya, Somalia and Sudan the sale, production and consumption of alcohol is completely prohibited.