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How far is NC to CA?

How far is NC to California by plane?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between North Carolina and California is 3,605 km= 2,240 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from North Carolina to California, It takes 4 hours to arrive.

How many days does it take to drive to California from North Carolina?

37 hours, 48 minutes.

How many hours does it take to fly from North Carolina to California?

Average direct flight time is 12 hours 59 minutes.
The fastest direct flight from North Carolina to California is 7 hours 25 minutes.

Is Carolina close to California?

The total driving distance from North Carolina to California is 2,579 miles or 4 150 kilometers. Your trip begins in the state of North Carolina. It ends in the state of California.

Is Texas close to North Carolina?

The total straight line distance between Texas and North Carolina is 1970 KM (kilometers) and 600 meters. The miles based distance from Texas to North Carolina is 1224.5 miles.

How far is California from North Carolina by train?

How long is the train journey from Los Angeles to Charlotte? The distance between Los Angeles and Charlotte is approximately 2115 miles, or 3404 kilometers. The average train journey between these two cities takes 77 hours and 12 minutes, although the absolute fastest you could get there is 76 hours and 6 minutes.

Is it cheaper to drive or fly?

For the shortest trip, driving is more economical than flying. But for the longer cross-country trip, flying is far cheaper. And keep in mind that this only considers solo drivers. Families or friends traveling in one vehicle can save money by driving, even on longer routes.

How much would it cost to drive from NC to California?

The total cost of driving from North Carolina to California (one-way) is $495.74 at current gas prices. The round trip cost would be $991.47 to go from North Carolina to California and back to North Carolina again. Regular fuel costs are around $4.81 per gallon for your trip.

How much is a bus from California to NC?

Information on this bus route

Daily Buses 6
Minimum Price $198
Average Ticket Price $329
Minimum Trip Duration 2d6h
Average Bus Trip Duration 2d8h

How long is a bus ride from North Carolina to California?

The best way to get from North Carolina to California without a car is to bus which takes 2 days 13h and costs .

How much is a train ticket to California from North Carolina?

Which train should you take from Raleigh to Los Angeles?

Train Daily Trips Avg. Price
Amtrak 1 $301.67

How long is a flight from LA to NC?

Non-stop flight time from United States (LAX) to United States (CLT) by different airlines

Journey Duration Airline
LAX ➝ CLT 4 hours 33 minutes American Airlines

What is the closest state to North Carolina?


It is bordered by Virginia to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Georgia and South Carolina to the south, and Tennessee to the west. Raleigh is the state’s capital and Charlotte is its largest city.

Is NC good place to live?

Is North Carolina a good state to live in? North Carolina is an exceptionally affordable place to live. According to AreaVibes, the overall cost of living index for the state is 95, five points below the national average of 100. In addition, home prices are plenty reasonable – even in large metro areas.

Does it snow in North Carolina?

Snow in North Carolina is seen on a regular basis in the mountains. North Carolina averages 5 inches (130 mm) of snow per winter season. However, this varies greatly across the state. Along the coast, most areas register less than 2 inches (51 mm) per year while the state capital, Raleigh, averages 6.0 inches (150 mm).