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Is it safe to rent a car in Cairo?

Apart from the shock of running down a living human being, even a minor accident, where no one is really hurt, can develop into an extremely unpleasant experience. Do not drive around Cairo unless you are a very, very experienced driver.

Is it safe to rent a car and drive in Egypt?

Egypt is one destination where renting a car is not generally recommended. There are several reasons for this. First, the level of driving skill in Egypt is generally erratic; there’s little adherence to laws and safety guidelines, and driving at dangerous speeds for the conditions is the norm.

Is it safe to drive in Cairo?

Quote from video: The only thing more dangerous than driving is trying to cross the street. Once you start don't. Stop in Cairo pedestrians do not have right-of-way.

Can foreigners rent a car in Egypt?

Foreigners with a license issued in English can rent a car and drive in Egypt for short-term visits. After six months, they’ll be required to obtain an Egyptian Driver’s License. As some drivers won’t need to take the driving test for this, check with the local authorities whether your nationality is exempt.

Is it safe to drive across Egypt?

With some ordinary , streetwise commonsense, Egypt is as safe for tourists as many or even most other holiday destinations but…. There will be a lot of checkpoints and you probably won’t be allowed to drive through Middle Egypt without police permission and/or police escorts between certain points.

Is driving in Egypt hard?

Roads in the centre of the city can have up to 8 ‘lanes’, although the lack of actual marked lanes is what makes driving here quite difficult. Not only do you have to deal with unruly drivers but you can often see livestock and donkeys in the middle of the road.

Is it safe to travel to Cairo 2021?

Egypt – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Reconsider travel to Egypt due to terrorism. Exercise increased caution in Egypt due to the Embassy’s limited ability to assist dual national U.S.-Egyptian citizens who are arrested or detained.

Is Uber in Egypt?

In 2021, Uber had 703,000 drivers in Egypt, and it operates in 11 cities, covering more than half of the country’s governorates, according to the company’s year in review. As in many other countries, its beginnings in Egypt were somewhat tortuous.

Do you need international drivers license in Egypt?

Information About the International Driving Permit in Egypt:

Egypt signed one United Nations Convention (1949), and it is a legal requirement for visitors to have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) in order to rent a car and legally drive in Egypt.

What do you need to rent a car in Egypt?

Documents you need to rent a car in Egypt

You must have a driver’s license held for at least 1 year, a passport, and an international driving permit for a SIXT rental in Egypt.

What side of the car do they drive in Egypt?

right-hand side

Rules & Regulations

Drive on the right-hand side. The use of seat belts is mandatory in Egypt for all occupants of the vehicle. Children under 7 years of age are not allowed to sit in the front seats. The use of a mobile phone while driving is prohibited, with the exception of a hands-free system.