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Is it safe to rent a car in Guadalajara?

Is it safe to rent a car in Guadalajara Mexico?

Renting a car in Mexico is generally safe and convenient, and it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want in your own time. However, there are some cities where it might be better to hire a driver instead.

Is it safe to drive a rental car in Mexico?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to rent a car and drive in Cancun. As long as you’re compliant with Mexico driving laws, have your Mexican car insurance, and read through the 10 Mexico driving tips below, you should have a great Cancun car rental experience.

Do you need a Mexican license to rent a car in Mexico?

No, you don’t need a Mexican driving license to drive in Mexico or when renting a car in Mexico. It’s not even necessary to purchase an international driving license. Any American, Canadian, or your own country-issued driving license is accepted.

Do I have to pay for insurance when renting a car in Mexico?

Personal Liability Insurance, also referred to as Third-Party Insurance, is mandatory when renting a car in Mexico. You cannot rent a car without this coverage. Although this is the only obligatory type of insurance, it’s not always enough. In fact, it’s highly recommended to opt for additional coverage.

How do I avoid getting ripped when renting a car in Mexico?

Make a booking directly with the rental company
If you have time to do a quick research you can check directly on each car rental website and see if there is some promotional rate, but always make sure what the rate includes as some offers are traps.

Do you need a car in Guadalajara?

Unlike Mexico City, moving around Guadalajara without a car can be challenging. Although the city has several bus providers and even two underground lines, information about the routes, times and destinations can be difficult to track down.

Can a US citizen drive in Mexico?

You are required to drive with a license in Mexico, and your one from the U.S. is accepted when traveling throughout Mexico. Not every trip to Mexico needs to have so many moving pieces. If you’d like to make a quick trip even for just a day, you can cross into big cities like Tijuana from San Diego.

Does a US driver’s license work in Mexico?

An American driver’s license is accepted in Mexico, though consider having it translated into Spanish (and nine other languages) by getting an International Driver’s Permit. It is necessary to apply for it within six months of traveling to Mexico.

Can I rent a car in Mexico with my passport?

It requires a valid official identification, passport or driver licence’s. Photocopies will not be accepted. In order to rent a Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicle, a valid driver’s license is required and must be shown at time of rental. Photocopies will not be accepted.

What car insurance is mandatory in Mexico?

Liability car insurance

Liability car insurance in Mexico
You are required by Mexican law to have liability insurance. If you cause a car accident, this covers bodily injuries and property damage to others.

Can you rent a car in Mexico and drive to us?

Can I travel to the USA with the rented car? Yes, please contact our Call Center from Mexico at 800-737-3722 and from USA 001-855-372-2639, mentioning that you are going to travel to the USA, the cost per day for the extension of protection for crossing the border into the US is $ 200 pesos plus taxes.

Can I rent a car in Mexico without a credit card?

Book rental cars in the main destinations of Mexico without worrying about having a credit card, because now you can rent a car with debit leaving the amount indicated when booking from our official website (Equivalent to 10% of the total value of the car ).

How do you avoid a deposit on a rental car?

Fill up the car – if your hire car is ‘full to full’, which means you will need to return the car with a full tank, use a filling station close to the rental office and keep the fuel receipt. Leave the car in a good state as you could be charged for extra cleaning if the car is extremely dirty.

Can I rent a car with a debit card?

The short answer is yes, you can rent a car with a debit card. Major rental car companies—including Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Hertz—all permit rentals on a debit card.