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Is it safe to rent a car in Hong Kong?

Is driving in Hong Kong safe?

Hong Kong has done a pretty good job when it comes to traffic accidents. In 2019, Hong Kong had 1.5 road fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants. Compared to the global average of 16.7, Hong Kong is doing really well. For reference, the rate is 13 in the United States and 10 in New Zealand.

Is it hard to drive in Hong Kong?

Driving in Hong Kong is very hectic. Drivers accelerate very quickly like they’re always in a hurry. They always stop very close to the bumper of the car in front of them (which can be very scary). Cars in Hong Kong are built with the steering wheel on the right side of the car.

Should I drive in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is very safe to drive in and if you get lost you can’t get into trouble.

Is car expensive in Hong Kong?

You will also want to be sure you know the costs involved with owning a car. The upfront purchase costs of a vehicle are quite high in Hong Kong; a good condition secondhand luxury vehicle from a European maker can cost HKD 150,000 while a Japanese import can start at around HKD 80,000.

What side do you drive in Hong Kong?


Hong Kong drives on the left side of the road, mainland China on the right. So how do you prevent crashes when driving between them? side of the road; people in the latter drive on the left (a vestige of the British empire).

How much can I drink and drive Hong Kong?

22 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml of breath; or. 67 milligrams of alcohol per 100ml of urine.

Can foreigners drive in Hong Kong?

Foreign nationals driving in Hong Kong
In general, foreign nationals are allowed to drive in Hong Kong provided they have a valid driver’s licence. Those with valid foreign licenses from the countries below can receive a Hong Kong full driving licence without taking the test.

Can UK driving license drive in Hong Kong?

You need to be 18 years old to drive in Hong Kong, and in possession of both a full UK driving licence and an International Driving Permit. After 12 months you will need to convert to a Hong Kong licence, which can be done without sitting another test.

How do I get an international driving Licence in Hong Kong?

You may book an appointment through Transport Department’s Appointment Booking Service online by logging on to or by calling the hotline at 3763 8080 to apply for an International Driving Permit at the designated counter of the seleted Licensing Office.

Do people have cars in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s car ownership rate is relatively low compared to that of its neighboring regions. According to the survey conducted by Rakuten Insight, only about 34.1 percent of the respondents in Hong Kong stated they owned a car.

Are cars cheaper in Hong Kong?

In general, Hong Kong generally buys a car: cheap cars are more expensive than the mainland, mid-to-high-priced cars are slightly more expensive than the mainland, and ultra-high-priced cars are often cheaper than the mainland.

Can I drive in Hong Kong with a US license?

Driving on strength of their valid overseas driving licence or international driving permit if they are visitors to Hong Kong (visitor means any person who arrives in Hong Kong other than to take up residence for a period exceeding 12 months).

How long does it take to drive from one side of Hong Kong to the other?

The speed, cleanliness, and efficiency of the MTR is astounding, and a precise 31 minutes will take you from one end of Hong Kong Island to the other. You can also travel throughout the New Territories, head down to the Southside, or take the Airport Express—it makes exploring Hong Kong a breeze.

Can I drive from Hong Kong to China?

To drive across the boundary, you need to have approval for your car and the driver. You have to apply for a Mainland driving licence, an Approval Notice for the vehicle and driver from the Guangdong Public Security Bureau and a closed road permit for the vehicle from the Transport Department.

Why Driving on the left is better?

According to the company, left-hand driving greatly improves safety since the driver can easily spot incoming vehicles.

Why do Americans drive on the right?

With the growth of traffic, the roadside ditches also led to a growing tendency in the United States in the late nineteenth century for drivers of light horse-drawn vehicles to both drive on the right and sit on the right to avoid the greater evil of the ditch.

Why do Japanese drive on left?

Overtime, Japan has built up a very large and very successful railway system, which is and has always been on the left-hand side. This precedent naturally led to building roads for cars that also drive on the left side.