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What is the cheapest price for a car hire in Guadalajara?

Cheap car rentals in Guadalajara

Economy $8/day
Intermediate $12/day
Standard $10/day
Full-size $19/day
Minivan $60/day

How much does it cost to rent a car in Jalisco?

On average a rental car in Jalisco costs $627 per month ($21 per day).

What city is the cheapest to rent a car?

The Least Expensive Cities for Car Rentals

Anchorage, Alaska – Anchorage is the cheapest city for car rentals in the country, with a daily cost of just under $49 for a total ten-day rental fee of $484.55.

How much is renting a car?

While the expected cost to rent a vehicle varies depending on many factors, the average 2021 costs were about $81 per day, according to the travel website Kayak.

How much is it to rent a car in Mexico for a day?

On average a rental car in Mexico costs C$ 29 per day.

Do you need a car in Guadalajara?

Unlike Mexico City, moving around Guadalajara without a car can be challenging. Although the city has several bus providers and even two underground lines, information about the routes, times and destinations can be difficult to track down.

What is the best car rental site?

The Best Car Rental Booking Sites in the U.S. and Europe

  • Hotwire.
  • Priceline.
  • Expedia.
  • Low-cost car rental booking sites Alamo, Payless, and Thrifty.
  • Sixt Car Rentals.
  • AARP’s discount with Avis, Budget, and Payless.

Why are rental cars so expensive right now?

Demand for rental cars is outpacing the supply of available vehicles, so rental car prices have gone sky high. If you have been surprised by unusually high rental car rates, or by rental cars being generally unavailable, read on.

Why is rental car expensive?

They found themselves without enough stock to supply the demand for rental cars. As such, they raised prices on the cars that they did have. Car rentals are expensive because the agencies chose to sell off their cars to survive the pandemic financially.

What is Kyte?

Kyte is a rental car service that offers rental car delivery to home, airports, hotels or wherever is more convenient to you with daily or monthly rates. The San Francisco headquartered company recently launched a new subscription service.

What day is best to rent a car?

Most rental agencies will charge fees per day the car is in the possession of the customer. In this case, if possible, picking up the rental on a Saturday is ideal. While this is the middle of the weekend and can cost an extra day of the rental charge, it guarantees the rental rate.

How much does it cost to rent a car for a month in Singapore?

Monthly car rental Singapore

Car model Car leasing company Rent for a month
Toyota Vios Ride Now Car Rental $1,500
Mazda 3 MyCarRental $1,800
Mazda 2 Avis $1,755 for 27 days
Renault Grand Scenic Wearnes Car Leasing From $2,750 for one month

How much does it cost to rent a car for a year in Singapore?

Budget car rental rates: S$75/daily, S$75/day 2-6 days, S$525 weekly, S$1500 monthly. Budget car leasing rates: S$1480/month for 1 year.

Is there Uber in Guadalajara?

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Guadalajara. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

How do you travel around Guadalajara?

The best way to get around Guadalajara is by foot. The streets are best viewed at a leisurely pace, and many of the city-center attractions, such as the Guadalajara Cathedral, are located within walking distance.

How many days do you need in Guadalajara?

Like the capital, Guadalajara has a hectic city centre but also some leafy, more upmarket neighbourhoods. There are also some excellent day trip options which is why I would recommend spending at least 4 days in Guadalajara.

What is the best part of Guadalajara to stay in?

5 Best Neighborhoods in Guadalajara for Tourists

  1. Downtown (Centro) If it’s your first time in Guadalajara, staying in the downtown “Centro” district is your best bet. …
  2. Colonia Americana. Colonia Americana in a trendy and hip neighborhood within walking distance to Zona Centro. …
  3. Zapopan. …
  4. Tlaquepaque. …
  5. Zona Expo.

What is the best time to visit Guadalajara?

The best time to visit Guadalajara is between the months of October and December when the weather is dry, temperatures skim the lower 80s and festivals fill the calendar. The five months that span January and May are another great time to visit the city, thanks to decreased hotel prices.